Pencil Portraits Pencil Portraits Lily Rose Graphite sketch of my 6 year old daughter 190531500 Commissioned Portrait This was the second commission of this little boy. I did a previous drawing when he was a baby. 190531501 Commissioned Portrait A commissioned charcoal portrait of a pet dog. 190531503 Commissioned Portrait This was one of my first commissioned portraits of an Indian Family 190531504 Personal Drawing Another of my early drawings. this is of my mother and my son. 190531502 Commissioned Drawing My First ever commisssioned pencil drawings. This was a colleagues pet. He was a rescue dog. 190531505 Erin This was a gift of a family member's baby daughter 196130131 Remeber Me..... 197033958 Indian mum 197033959 Chloe 197033960 Innocence 197033961 Commissioned drawing 197033962 Commissioned drawing 197033963 Alan Ladd 197033964 Kyle 197033965 Matriarch 197033966 Bhavya 197033967 Chester 197033968 Papa 197033969 Fuar Loch Mor 197033970 Happiness 197033971 Janeann and George 197033972 Izabel 197033973 Jade 197033974 197892361 197892362 197892363 197892364 197892365 197892366 Dundee Law 197892367 Buddy Graphite drawing of Buddy, a golden labrador. Given as a donation to, to raise funds. 198753258